The Art of Escape

Time to check whether your escape talent is real or not!



  • 6


  • 70


For people over 14 years old.

Comfortable outfit recommended. Not recommended for people afraid of heights.

You are becoming a real expert of escape. No cell, padlock, chain or cuff has been found that could keep you locked for long. Your shows have started to gain popularity. Until one day, you find a letter at your doorstep. Someone claiming to be a “friend” is inviting you at his estate for an escape game with a prize that you won’t be able to say no to. When you reach the estate, you find him at the door, waiting to welcome you. Though you see that you are not on you own. There are more guests, experts of escape just like you. What has the mysterious host set up for you? Will you manage to win at his game?


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