For the first time in Greece, an outdoor game is organized in a mall, hosted by The MindTrap Mediterranean Cosmos!
The game was truly an escape… run, thinking that the players had to search all over the Mediterranean Cosmos to find hidden clues to solve the mystery of The Lost Ticket. 
A missing ticket can be anywhere, so the scouting is even more complicated. The players walk through the stores, run to the outdoor areas of the mall and try to reach out the more information they can.
The adrenaline is overloaded, because the teams try to beat each other and the fastest team wins! The prize for the winners of The Lost Ticket was free games and discounts for The MindTrap Mediterranean Cosmos escape rooms and other free tickets for other stores of the mall. 
The MindTrap is being creative again, by designing the first escape run in a mall! And the best is yet to come!

Τελευταία νέα!

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