When the marketing campaign of Fanta is suddenly missing, The MindTrap Kolonaki is ready to solve the problem! 
In June 2018, the escape room Fanta Mystery was created in The MindTrap Kolonaki for a limited time and many fans of Fanta wanted to save the company from the loss of a marketing campaign, something that would lead to a disaster.
The scenario? The players were members of the Youth Marketing department of Fanta for 60 minutes, but unfortunately, their director was suddenly missing and he was the only one who knew the details about the new campaign. They had to find where it was hidden and present it in front of the impatient journalists, before the company was disparaged. 
The escape room Bank Robbery was rebuilt to create this amazing new room, with a complete different game play. The Youth Marketing team of Fanta designed some parts of the room and created relevant riddles that made it even more interesting!


Τελευταία νέα!

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